Thu 18 October 2018 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Tel Aviv University - Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, FREE

The discourse on poverty and inequality is numerous and has many disagreements. Which measures are most appropriate for measuring poverty and inequality? What are the trends that characterize these in Israel and around the world? What are the tools available to the state to deal with these two phenomena, and which ones are most effective? These questions are entitled to a rejuvenation in light of the changes that have characterized the world around us in recent decades.
In this event, we convened the leading minds in the field to discuss the question of what are the political tools for coping with poverty and inequality in view of the successes and failures of the past, and in view of the many changes we are witnessing in human society and the tools at its disposal?
The event is free and subject to availability.

14: 00-14: 15 Reception and refreshments
14: 15-14: 30 – Opening remarks
Adv. Shraga Biran, President, The Institute of Structural Reform, Tel Aviv University Prof. Itay Sand, Head, School of Social and Policy Studies, Tel Aviv University
14: 30-15: 30 Panel of Experts
Chair: Prof. Daniel Gottlieb, Deputy Director, Planning and Research, National Insurance Institute Participants: Prof. Ricky Soya, School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University Prof. Johnny Gal, Director, Welfare Policy Program, Taub Institute
Prof. Michal Cromer Nevo, Department of Social Work, Ben Gurion University
Prof. Noah Levin Epstein, Department of Sociology, Tel Aviv University
MK Eli Elalouf, Head of the Committee for the War on Poverty, Knesset of Israel
15: 30-16: 00 – Questions from the audience

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