Thu 14 September 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Eretz Israel Museum - Haim Levonon 2, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS

Contemporary Israeli Culture Inspired by the Historical Odessa: Music Performances // Dance // Plastic Arts // Photography and Video // Theater // Lectures and a New Exhibition “Odessa-Tel Aviv”.

Writers, poets, philosophers, revolutionaries and conservatives, unforgettable Jewish thinkers such as Bialik, Ahad Ha’am, Jabotinsky, Dizengoff, Bavel and many others lived and created in historical Odessa. A hundred years later, at the initiative of the “Cultural Brigade” group, the Eretz Israel Museum will host a one-night festival of original Israeli creativity, in the spirit of historic Odessa, an event that will give modern Israeli interpretation to the Jewish community that flourished in the city.

As part of the Odessa-Tel Aviv Festival, the general public is invited to wander around the Eretz Israel Museum, among many venues of dance, music and theater, as well as short lectures, processions, and more. Among the events and performances: a new exhibition on the Odessa-Tel Aviv line, featuring Angelica Sher, Xenia Soba and Yuri Leidman (first exposure to the International Film Festival), “Odessa Lower” – a special performance featuring Amir Lev, Eran Zur, Costa Kaplan, Hila Ruach Ella Daniel and more in a musical tribute to Bialik’s songs, Tchernichovsky and others, Sara the bride from Odessa – interactive play with audience participation, the Odessa court resurrected – original comic theatrical performance, a synagogue from another planetarium – Ma’alot, Hebrew Ulpan for Hebrew speakers, active experience in the revival of the Hebrew language (in cooperation with the House of the Past The 14th of September Parade – a fashion parade in the spirit of the Soviet Union, with an Odessa accent and a touch of healthy humor Ensemble Now – a contemporary Jewish men’s dance troupe remodeled for “Giborim” – inspired by the painter and dance man Baruch Agadati ( Special guest: Ruth Eshel), the composition of the Yiddish-Blues in a musical performance of poets’ songs in contemporary rhythms, and other surprises.

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