Thu 6 September 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hagada Hasmalit - Ahad Ha'am 70, Tel Aviv,

* The Mysterious Comics in the World *
Astral sketches

Dana Lin
A solo exhibition

Curator: Larissa Miller

Opening: 6.9.18, 20:00
Closing 4.10.18

Out of a vacuum, a white abyss, dots appear without dimension and the spinning of an over-dimensional space booty occurs. From the infinite emotion to the vibrations of the creator, the long fingers convey the most delicate material vibrations. A living impenetrable impulse that makes its way to the revealed; the point communities undergo an evolutionary phase into an ethereal cloud, in which forms are born and shaped themselves; These are the bedding of life that breathes into another astral layer, a stratum of image entities, mental orgasms, animals and colors; These, in turn, crystallize in lines and signs of general composition, a dramatic, multicolored vision that carries spiritual-spiritual significance in the journey of a unique soul, of “I”.

Dana Linn’s art bursts out as an invisible, independent policeman, in the language of inner inner halls, and discovers them in the visual present. But perhaps its roots may be interwoven with the occult inspirations of art in the exchange of the 19th and 20th centuries: the kind of “thought formations” of the theosophical movement leaders, Annie Bazant and Charles Ladbiter, through the writings of Rudolf Steiner, And the members of the Blue Difference – who discovered in modern painting, and the development of occult sensitivity to form and color, line and composition – the gateway to a creative exploration of metaphysics.

In Lynn’s picturesque universe, however, what is revealed is not an idea of ​​ephemeral intellectual objects, but a unique connection of primordial logic-images and of the present, personal psyche. As an intimate comedy or private book of death, Lyne’s entire work is a psychomagic journey between multidimensional icons, in which the observer, devoted to the journey between the abstract and the interior, to the depths of resolution and back to the whole, was inaugurated in the ways of her vision.

Jonathan Levy

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