Tue 13 February 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Shaul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv,

The most fascinating cities in the world!
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
A musical journey to the beautiful cities in the world.
A series of musical performances of the best performances combined with lectures
And audiovisual shows with the best hits, songs and folklore
The musical of the most beautiful in the cities of the world.
To purchase tickets: “Reut Cultural Relations” offices – Tel: 08-9396030
Mexico City
Tuesday, 21 November 201720
Viva Mexico
A colorful musical celebration to the poetry of the Mexican people.
A rhythmic and colorful performance of the Marianchi song and the Latin American classic that captivated the entire world. With dancers and musicians from Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina and Israel.
Opening lecture: Aztec sources, Spanish classics and urban beauty in Mexico City.
Lecturer: Yvonne Fleitman, Archaeologist, Curator of American Art at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Manhattan – between Chelsea and Village
Tuesday 12.12.201720: 30
Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Simon Garfunkel
The best American folk songs of the greatest singers and artists who wrote, created and performed in New York.
Featuring: Gabriella Lewis, Shay Tochner, Aharale Sykes, Jonathan Miller and friends …
Opening lecture: New York to the end – lecture accompanied by a photo presentation on the Big Apple.
Lecturer: Yoel Shtrog, Geographic Photographer
Buenos Aires
Tuesday, 16.01.201820: 30
Tango can also sing
Maria of Buenos Aires, Alfonsina of the sea, a piancolo of Tango and Gardel’s women – sweeping and sensual songs from Argentina, Brazil and Spain.
With the participation of soprano Keren Hadar
Musical direction: Gabi Argov
Opening lecture: A photographic journey in Buenos Aires – Paris of South America.
Lecturer: Eran Lagerin, Senior Instructor for South America in the Geographical Society
Dubrovnik and the Balkan cities
Tuesday 13.02.201820: 30
Gypsy time
A musical journey following the Gypsy spirit. To the mysteries of the story and the melody of a nomadic community without a homeland. A fascinating mix of mystery and joy of life in a sweeping musical celebration.
Opening Lecture: Croatia The Magical Garden of Europe.
Lecturer: Gustav Meisels, historian
From Rome to Moscow
Tuesday, 06.03.201820: 30
The three tenors
A meeting between the great classics of the Italian singer with the best of Russian singing and singing. The Tenors Trio, Felix Lifshitz, Boris Yarofev and Dmitry Semyonov, soloists of the opera, with exciting performances of Neapolitan poetry, Italian lions …
In this session the lecture is combined with the performance

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