Sat 28 December 2019 | 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv,

Eliphelet will hold a Hanukkah event (28.12) Saturday for the miracles and wonders intended for the young and old.


At Abraham Hostel, Levontin 21 Tel Aviv. Free admission.

When are the activities for the whole family?

Starting at 11, there will be a variety of activities and workshops, including: Hanoch Piven’s workshop, The Hats Seller Adventure with Margaia Shaya, “Merav and the Guitar,” Story Time. Adventure in the theater ‘with Edna from ZIA, the playwright is awarded the Deborah Omar Prize’ Yolanda De Meow ‘performed by Amit Bar Am, interactive carpet workshop and pop-up workshop, adventure following the book’ The Journey to the Ancient Land ‘,’ Elk Creator ‘, and more. Registration for the children’s activities at Link:

Are there any attractions to purchase?

Refreshing items will be donated to the donation: Top Fashion designers donated coveted items from the private closet, the finest designer clothes for women and children, the beautiful Phelps notebooks, dolls and wallets, and co-operative baskets from Cochinetta’s asylum seekers, Eritrean coffee, specialty beers, and soaps. Tux, pastries and refreshments that have contributed to companies and cooks and more.
Dana Ivgi will host the event and Yaara Goldman will catch up and raise hearts.

When are the performances?

At 13:00, Esther Rada, Ababa, Yehli Sobol and a wonderful band will take to the stage, as well as the children of the violin club and Elifelet’s singing writing workshop.
We also note the departure from Elifelet founder Yael Gvirtz, who led the eight-year aid campaign for children, and Sharon Tal’s take-over as CEO of the association. The referral will end at 3 p.m.

A host of holiday feasts (Chanukah and Christmas and New Year’s Eve) are a wonderful opportunity to illuminate to the children of Eliphalte in a lush crowd of attractions for all ages and all-giving.

The hospitality of Abraham Hostel and all the performances, workshops, activities and a host of special products and refreshments at the event were donated to the association to ensure a warm winter, food and activities and emotional care for the 1,000 babies and children under the wings of the association.

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