Wed 27 March 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Beit Hair - Beit Hair, Tel Aviv,


This is the second time that the “man who goes” to activism has been awarded. The initiative is intended to cherish and praise the work of those who confront the national and media priorities with the local. To applaud those who work out of total and uncompromising commitment. Individualists who devote their lives to change and action in areas that most people find impossible and in their eyes inevitable. The letter “The Walking Man” will be awarded to those who set out on their journey without waiting for others to join and without waiting for approval. These are people who believe that sometimes it only goes with force: the power of perseverance, the power of faith in the way, the power of stamina, the willpower, and sometimes, when necessary, knocking on the table with all the might.
This time, the “man who is walking” is awarded to the Knesset. A rare opportunity to stand on the banks of the political swamp, when it bubbles up bad odors. Especially this time, ideas that are as crude as rubber and ideological girls are shaped by interests. Against this background, there will be an event that is a mirror image. Certificates of appreciation will be given to the people who walk down – straight and with all their might. People whose mouths, hearts and deeds are equal.
Recipients of the letter: Tomer Avital, Beit Eli System, Eli Barlev, David Mizrachi, Sharon Shpurer, Maysam Jaljuli, Nitzan Kahana, Vered Navon, Banchi Salmsa, Linor Deutsch and Shoshka Engelmayer.
“The Walking Man” is a subversive project created by Eitan Bartal and Ilan Goldstein. As part of an aggressive and organized street activity, challenged the establishment’s control of the urban space. The culmination of the project was an election campaign – “the man who is going” to the mayoralty. A fictitious and powerless figure who brought up issues on the agenda of the election campaign; Society, corporate governance, ecology and urban planning. The Journey of the Walking Man is accompanied by a promise: Soon I will go far, inspiring the ceremony to give a signal to the activists working among us. Strengthen and encourage those who constitute a conscience and values ​​marker.
The event “The Man Who Goes to Activism 2019” is a joint project for City House, timeout magazine and the creators of the walking man; Eitan Bartal and Ilan Goldstein.
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