Wed 20 February 2019 | 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Book Worm - Ma'azeh 7, Tel Aviv,


We will be happy to see you! Everybody is invited!
*** Please note: The event will take place at the “Worms of Books” branch of Mazeh 7 !!! ***

“City days differ from each other, they change – you can not experience the same day twice. This day is fragmented in a very harmonious way. This moment in time is beautiful. Beauty dances in every air molecule, and I want to kiss each one. How is it that the heart is the organ that beats …? Or is it a tautology? I do not know, but I’m no longer a robot. More than that: I look at the robot with his eyes. Looking at him with the steel in his eyes and telling him: I’m not you anymore. And the heart beats. Cities are also pulsating. Cities are also poems. Cities are everything. Shira of the city – counterpoint in a million voices. If I stop hearing him, I’ll be deaf. ”

Guy Finkelstein was born in 1983 in Be’er Sheva and lives in Tel Aviv. Founder and editor of the literary journal Chikitito. Her first book, “The Sloth Who Did not Want to Be a King” (Keren Publishers) won the lottery grant.

Guy Finkelstein
Inbar Ashkenazi
Ido Angel
Sarit Shamir
And actress Ruth Rubin with monologues from the book

We will be happy to see you

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