Thu 17 January 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Lighthouse - Levontin 1, Tel Aviv,

‘The Lighthouse’ and the publishing house ‘Resling’ are happy to invite you and invite you to launch the new book by Tehila Hakimi – “Hibera”.

Naama Tsal
Oded Wolkstein
Ines Elias
Uri Sh. Cohen
Orly Noa Rabinian
Tehila Hakimi

Shira Z. Carmel

About the book:

“Hibra,” the first prose book by the poet Tehila Hakimi, moves through three modes of work, and between present, past and surrealistic future: work in a revolutionary enterprise, work in a high-tech company and the work of youth in the fast-food chain. These three spaces differ in place, time, and style, but they combine to draw an outline of relationships between story, language, and spirit on which the absolute and monolithic logic of work is taking over. This logic eliminates any separation between “life” and work, so that the fantasy of a separate life lies on the side of the highway, choked and fluttering.

Work takes control of existence, subordinates it to its dynamic, and also defines its human-like enclaves. It generates names in the language, until the narrative mechanism becomes a manifestation of the language of the machine. The voice of the narrator in “Habara” constantly tries to disturb the same mechanism, intertwining it and ejecting it intermittently. The story of a voice that is being pushed into its margins is the story of the struggle for the human being: the side of the text, outside it, as a longing that will have no answer but in the hearts of the readers.

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