Sat 1 February 2020 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cinemateque - Shprintsak Street 2, Tel Aviv,

“The King Has a Home” A New Lecture with Shai Orr and at the End of Tomer Heymann ‘s “Queen of a Crown” movie screening

How is stress and suspicion a normative component of our culture? Why is it so rare to meet (not on vacation, not in a workshop and without chemicals) in a calm, confident, partially happy person? Is the world really dangerous?

And perhaps unconsciously, are we shaping our lives in the camera and the image of ideology we adopted in our childhood, to survive in a reality where we really never felt contained and protected?

The request for a home, according to “Parenting as a Miracle” is the first request of any child from their parents. In the lecture we will dive into the hidden conversation between a child and his parents – around the request for a home, we will see how from this conversation our preoccupied adult world is created and we will also see how agreeing to respond to the request can divert our culture in a new direction.

The film will be screened: ‘The Queen Has No Crown’
Director: Tomer Heyman
Israel 2011, 82 minutes, Hebrew, Documentary for the

Queen of the Crown “tells the story of five brothers and their mother, the family of director Tomer Heyman, who try to navigate their way through life with a poignant and painful look at the loss of home, state and family. In which most of us have no answer. Do you have to stay home together? How does a family deal with those who deviate from the fur? What creates the feeling of belonging and what ruins it? How much loyalty to our parents comes from love? Who really strengthens the sense of the parent or child? Communication wires hold the family structure, what is the contribution of silence Which words
from battles and which smashes? The film succeeds in capturing the most critical decade in the history of the State of Israel (the 1990s) and portrays the turmoil and anxiety in Israeli society from a heartbreaking and exciting personal perspective to the tears of

Tomer Hyman, the award-winning film director – ‘Jonathan Agassi saved my life’
Mr. Gaga was born in Israel in 1970 and has directed documentaries since 1997.
His films have been screened and won numerous international festivals, as well as winning first place in film festivals in Israel, in the Competition of the Documentary Creators Forum and the Ophir Award.

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