Sat 17 August 2019 | 2:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Madison Square Garden - Madison Square Garden, Herzliya,

Special price for 48 hours!

Hello dear friends. How we missed you!

The last time we met we went together on a magical journey with a sound that left us a taste of more and now it’s time for another adventure, open diaries – 17.8 We’re embarking on another journey.

We are delighted to invite you to the annual celebrations of our production! Two years in which we together create psychodial journeys in a family atmosphere that nowhere else
in the upcoming event. We plan the journey that will accompany you with a sense of happiness throughout the summer at least and give you good energy and break through until our next journey.

So what is the line up you ask?
You’ll probably need to find out later.
We know you are curious to understand all the details but as you know … we love our real astronauts, who go on a journey with their eyes closed and trust us to take
Take them for a walk in the galaxy. And for that, you deserve a special price.

So put your diary, the journey to the summer, a dreamy dream line that will leave you stunned and think that we will all fly together in the square. See you soon


♬ The event will take place on Saturday, 17.8
♬ Opening gates at 14:00
♬ Location of the event is located in 5 cranes Herzliya.
♬ Closed location with 2 pools.
♬ Entrance to the event from the age of 21 boys 19 girls.
♬ Enter a conditional event on the order and in the lists, on the card and on the ID card.
♬ Each card is personal and can not be transferred.
♬ The event is valid and approved.
♬ Cancellations according to the cancellation policy that appears
on the website and is consistent with the Consumer Protection Law.
♬ For questions and details welcome to contact us in details 🙂

The journey is about to begin!

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