Mon 18 September 2017 | 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm
TalkHouse Tel Aviv - Beten 12, Tel Aviv, 65 NIS

The Islamic State (ISIS) – A Look from Within
A lecture by Itai Anghel
Monday, Septmeber 18th, 21:00

Talkhouse in English

Itai Anghel, an internationally awarded journalist, who was three times inside Syria and six times in Iraq, is the only Israeli journalist who has been covering the region from the fall of Saddam Hussein to the present days.

We are witnessing an historical change in the Middle East: Sovereign states are collapsing; millions are fleeing and by doing so arae changing the nature of the European continent,
The mayhem began with the rising of a new force; The Islamic State (ISIS) – a strong organization fostering violence and cruelty unlike any other movement we have seen, – declaring that their historical role is to establish an Islamic Chaliphate which would rule the Middle East and beyond.

This religious radical terror organization has been orchestrating massacres in Iraq and Syria, executing whoever they consider as different from the extreme violent Islam they preach. Its members crucify Christians, burry people while they’re still alive, kidnapping and selling women, terrorizing cities and villages – a phenomenon hard to grasp in modern times. Currently, the Islamic State is battling for its survival, fighting the joint international effort to defeat the organization, but one should not expect total defeat: its ideas will remain and threaten to appear in the future with a new cycle of violence.

In this lecture Itai Angel presents rare encounters with ISIS fighters, dynamic maps of the region and exclusive pieces of his own documentaries which he made in Iraq and Syria.
Itai Anghel, who has been working in UVDAH, the investigative program on Israel Ch.2, in the past few years has covered hot spots such as Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Congo (DRC), Haiti, Chechnya, Lebanon and Gaza, to name just a few.
Itai Anghel – War Correspondent

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