Thu 20 December 2018 | 10:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Ozen Bar - King George 48, Tel Aviv,

They told us it was winter so we came to light up the heat: DJ Guy Hajaj returns to the Ozenbar position with a head-to-head battle, a decade to a decade ago.

Spice Girls vs. Destiny’s Child, Vanilla Ace vs. Eminem, Beller against Arctic Monkeys, the SB against Subliminal and the Shadow, Ann Sink against Justin Timberlake Solo, Brittany against Britney with a bald spot !!!

Which decade is better?
Is it a mitzvah or a sin to play “Must Die on Me”?
Do we care or do we just want to dance ?!
Let’s dance!

Entrance from the age of 18 and up
no smoking
You should drink
You may ask for songs
You must not ask Eyal Golan
Put on a little coat and put on a coat that you can set aside because you will get hot with dancing
On the stand: DJ Guy Hajaj
On the plaza: You guys!

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