Sun 13 August 2017 | 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Lefties unite!

A day designed to provide a platform for 10% of the population who have difficulty opening cans, a day designed to raise awareness of the daily difficulties left by the left, and more than anything to give us the opportunity to tell our friends and family how proud we are to be leftists!

We asked ourselves why the leftist day in Israel has not been mentioned so far. As proud leftists, we decided to do something, and to announce the first Israeli leftist conference!

So what’s in the plan?
19:00 – Gathering, left-to-talk and left-handed games
20:00 – A lecture by Alona Rivlin, doing left-handed research and the process of producing a documentary about left-handedness. A surprise.
21:00 – Open Stage – If you have anything to say about being left handed, this is the place! Music, poetry, and art of any kind are welcome.
22:00 – DJ refuture – Yonatan Alfasi left to move the left side of the knob.

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