Fri 17 November 2017 | 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
The New Central Bus Station - Levinsky 108, Tel Aviv,


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Dina Segev – Murielle Street Art – EXTRA CRUNCHY – Ana Kogan – Ivan Astro Maximov – Yotam Shitrit Adi Ron – Yoni Danziger – Damian Tab – Andrea Buriko – Swan Er – Erezoo – Solomon Souza – DALER – #TAG – Adi Sened – Michal Rubin – Rafi Baler – Hila Sheleg – monkey – BTW – Somebozo – I love mr leaf – Sharon Barak – bNd – Orit Mizne – ID – Edgar Rafael – Marian Boo – KOT Art – ARC D.L.P – Natalie Mandel – Minks – Ame72 – Zivink – LOGIC – Sigal Tourjeman – Slimer – Frenemy – Oren Martan – Daniel Siboni – Yaakov Blumental – Sasha – Alef-אלף – Marshal Miller – Artista Omer Elmaliah

47 artists
1000 square meters
Two levels and one tardis
Hi, we are the Street Tardis team — The Doctor’s Time Space.

If you thought that we had been flying lately, you are right.
We have spent this period building a space ship, exactly so.
This rocket enables us to travel through space and time.
If you have doubts, at 10:00 on November 17, 2017 we will launch the first flight, and you are invited to celebrate with us, visit the art works, gather impressions from the tardis – the doctor’s space ship and time machine, meet the artists and have fun at all the booths an stalls… the entrance is free and the return trip to Earth’s reality is guaranteed.
It’s OK to check off attendance even if you are not certain of your ability to make the event. In the coming weeks we will post pictures and films made especially for this project and that will be shown only here on this site. Please join our festivities!

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