Thu 29 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Hanina Gallery - Shvil Hamifal 3, Tel Aviv,

The Collectivists – Group Portrait
Curator Orly Hoffman
Opening – Thursday, 29.8, at 20.00, Tel Aviv Artists’ House.

The exhibition “Collectivists – Group Portrait” presents six Tel Aviv collaborative galleries under one roof in the artist’s house in the city.
The members of the galleries were called to conduct self-curated action, to establish a bible and a resume to identify the portrait of its group action.
The exhibition takes part in the “Alfred” gallery, “p8” gallery, “Hanina” gallery, “Indie” gallery, “Benjamin” gallery and the young “Nolovez” gallery, each choosing themes and themes that represent and reflect her “DNA” in different ways.
The gallery artists most often engaged in operative and administrative operation of the venue, which serves as an exhibition space for individual exhibitions and various collaborations with guest artists, were invited to present themselves / their work as a collective,
Gathering together, the search for an idea, the identification of tangential tangents and the connection between the works, have summoned a course of introspective observation that seeks to stop, pause and discern. Actions that influence and create an in-depth look at the creation of the different members, contexts and representations, if any, and how they influence the unique agenda, texture and characterization of each collective.

The exhibition will be on display until Saturday, September 21, 9

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