Thu 9 May 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:59 pm
HaSolelim 1 - HaSolelim 1, Tel Aviv,

After 11 years indoor creativity, hundreds of guests from abroad and countless programs for outdoor events that did not ripen, it finally happens – the block club goes to the first historic event in the open air!

Monochrome Independence – Our constant search for the next big thing brought us this year to an industrialized and unique space in the heart of Tel Aviv, and more importantly the long awaited collaboration with our friends from the block took shape.

In the heart of Tel Aviv lays an urban complex, rough yet inviting. open spaces between crumbling walls, abandoned industrial buildings and powerful towers, a perfect virgin location that seems to have been waiting for a long time to meet with monochrome’s Uncompromising, precised line of events and harmoniously connect to the Block’s rough urbanic attitude to create an unprecedented outboard rave of three gigantic floors.

Urbanrave # 1 – Independence 2019, Thursday, May 9 Starting at 15:00 in the afternoon. Tel Aviv Israel.
Age limit 23+

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