Thu 12 September 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
HaAraba 15 - HaAraba 15, Tel Aviv,

Ladies are excited for the launch event, the Great Women’s Tournament in 2019
meets on Thursday, September 12th at Panthera, Fourth Street 19.

From Our Heart to You –
After an extended sleepless period, we were able to reach the destination and teach over 80 women its game and magic. We are so proud of you, we have been exposed to groundbreaking and inspirational women. In this area where the percentage of women is so low we were able to bring dozens of new actresses into the world. We want to celebrate with you our happiness and satisfaction at a launch event – and to advance to the next destination – the largest women’s poker tournament in Israel.

* You can get details in the following ways –
or by phone – 0526422617.

Registration is in advance, there is an option to arrive on the day of the event on a free space basis, and all previous wins 🙂
Arranged parking instead of registration

Important details in advance :

19:00 – Gathering, refreshments (equal), drinking (we invested) and seating.
7:30 pm – A performance by Rudy Beinsin + acquaintance with us, Chen and Niv cry and get excited on stage for a few minutes.
19:45 – start playing
21:15 – break
21:30 – return to play.
Estimated closing time – 1:30

Admission is NIS 300 and includes light drinks, quality refreshments, LADIES cocktail at the entrance.

The initial stack height is 30,000 chips,
starting with 100-100 blinds, with the increase taking place every fifteen minutes.

You can enter the tournament once, if you have lost all your chips, there is no option to return.

Each winner can choose a prize from three categories, depending on where they won:
1. Experience – good memories (for example: overseas flights / skydiving / shows / rooms and hotels, etc.).
2. Personal development – courses and workshops (eg carpentry / surfing / styling / cooking, etc.).
3. Technological products / fashion and grooming (for example: speakers / smartphones / computers / fashion brands / spas / grooming kits, etc.) The

list of prizes will be published soon.

Place 1 –
NIS 3500 prize.

Second place:
NIS 2600 prize.

Third place:
NIS 2000 prize.

Fourth place:
NIS 1500 prize.

Fifth place:
NIS 1100 prize.

Sixth place:
NIS 700 prize.

7th place:

prize for the surprising actress!

No. 7 awards.
List of prizes is designed for 70 players. In general – Prizes will be distributed to 10% of the players, depending on the amount of participants.
Please Lev
Since we give selections from a variety of prizes, we will not be able to hand them out at the end of the event and it will take a week until they are delivered from the moment you chose from the list.
And of course they are here for any question – on Facebook / Email / Instagram as per your convenience.

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