Thu 19 December 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Secret Location - tel aviv, tel aviv,

Flash news that has just arrived !!!

Frequency messages have been received to Miko-Ginja’s intergalactic control room from outer space, on a group of aliens on their way to Earth.

From the signals that we were able to decipher, they want to meet with us, just before they intend to take over the earth.

It is not clear whether this is good or bad, We have no idea what they will look like, what they will do or what they will bring.

We just know that nothing will be the same after meeting them.

On 19.12, they invade Earth and land in Tel Aviv, and only 400 people have the opportunity to be among the first to greet them.

A golden opportunity? Bitter fate? Cosmonautical scandal?

Only days will tell.

In the messages they broadcasted to us, they revealed to us that they like mushrooms and redheads, and that we should introduce them to them.

The art and music that would best suit their invasion

On the Music:

Ginjah Vibes / YossiSwing / Dj Noa Brodezky / FUYA

And in the art:
(Open to proposals, apply to Mico for details)

Entry is only allowed to those who are intrigued and let loose, tune in to adventure, open up to the unknown, devote themselves to invasion and penetration from outer space,
And those who are willing to let these extraterrestrials experiment on it from another world.

The aliens are coming !! are you ready ?!?

In order to keep your place in the invasion, you must reserve a place in advance and participate in the extraterrestrial reception costs.
Link to participation:

First 50 tickets at 55 NIS
Then the standard price is 75 NIS
Entrance 90 NIS is available until 00:00
Then 100 NIS (based on free space only)

* All proceeds will go to the universal fund for a cottage donation to the Alien Invasion Association.

pay attention:
* We will not be able to bring more humans into the encounter except the amount they have allowed us in the subconscious messages.
* Exact location for invasion will be provided to us on the day of the incident. Expect a surprising location.
* Don’t expect anything.
* The micophobia or Ginjah is not responsible for any damage to consciousness that will cause the participants.
* Get ready for a thrilling, uninhibited and borderless night.
* Of course in the procedure – a mass alien orgy at the end of the invasion.

Loving, excited, and excited –
Mycophobia, Ginjah, and some Aliens.

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