Wed 28 March 2018 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
ShinSheva - Shocken 7, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

The physical, biological and digital worlds are bound together by the Fourth Industrial Revolution;
Digital production means allow maximum adaptation of the design to the needs.
Robots are responsible for producing and setting up the site at a speed and accuracy that have not been seen before.
Nonlinear, multi-layered, smart design imitates biological systems for material, information-intensive work.
Against the background of these tremendous changes, the old boundaries between “natural” and “synthetic” mingle, new possibilities to predict the behavior of buildings and their adaptation to the environment open up to us.
On 28 March, he met at Shinn Sheva’s salon with Gili Ron, a young and groundbreaking architect,
Graduate of the Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech) program at the AA School, for a talk about the Entwine Pavilion of the AMT Studio.
At the meeting Gili will talk about her research:
Design and construction of communities adapted to extreme climatic environments in the Sahara Desert, use of local materials, creation and assembly on site using robots.

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