Tue 13 August 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Herzl Street 16 - Herzl 16, Tel Aviv,

“Tespa” in Amharic translation – “hope,” because the purpose of the band is to impart to many generations the knowledge they possess, in the hope of continuity.

The music is mostly traditional Ethiopian but with many combinations of jazz, and with deep lyrics, very sad and very happy. Some of the songs were written and composed by Abata Barihun himself!

Abata is a virtuoso played in the 1980s with all the great artists in Ethiopia, such as Mahmoud Ahmed, Esther Awka, Mulatto Estatka and many others.

“Tespa Band” is his current hot project.

“Tespa” incorporates a high-quality group of brilliant and excellent musicians playing a variety of traditional and contemporary musical instruments and styles, which draws their inspiration from their roots and where they grew up, some of them from their travels in Israel and around the world and their many years of experience. The band has extensive experience in shows around the country and the show is sleek and professional, in original and authentic attire, vibrant,
“Tespa” presents traditional, folk, rural and urban tunes and songs, while also combining ancient styles with contemporary styles. The guiding message in the band’s repertoire is the passion, passion and sense of happiness in music, singing and dance that fill the hearts of the audience.

The band is based in Israel, performs at concerts and attends many events.

The music is original, and real. The band’s diverse and expansive repertoire is very attractive for festivals and concerts, folk culture conferences and conferences that bring together different cultures.

The band was founded on an aspiration to provide a perfect response due to the widespread demand for Ethiopian music and the preservation of Ethiopian culture and customs preserved for thousands of years. And to preserve the fine musical taste that the band has to offer in authentic music, and to pass that legacy on to the future generation of music.

On the Recorders – Eran Hadar
A performance starts at 10pm Sharp!
Free entrance

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