Wed 29 May 2019 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Tel Aviv University - Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv,

TAU gets its pride on; join us in a pride event that is out of this world!

Various LGBTau booths and stands will be waiting for you along with a DJ, pride merchandise, cold beer, hot popocoren and more for free!
Simply answer a brief pride question

Wednesday 29.5 starting at 1 p.m. in the central lawn near Gilman, Tel Aviv University

at 4 p.m. we’ll have LGBT related round tables hosted by our students as well as Lila Blilat and Efrat Tillman from Kan’s show “Sorry for the Question”

So what kind of stands can you find?

Genderblur – a magnet photographer will document you “wearing” a new gender

Beer & Chill – answer a pride question for free popcorn and beer

Rainbow merch – flags, bracelets, fans, pins, stickers, etc. will be your rewards for solving a special riddle

Pride flag slushie – correctly name the date of a pride event for an alcoholic slushie

Saman: Students for Accessibility – an organization promoting disabled students’ rights

Pride wall – write and paint what pride means to you

Meet LGBTau – a colorful candy stand to introduce you to LGBTau

*additional stands by partners of the Israeli LGBT Organization, the Pride Center, the Pride Front, IGY and more

Efrat Tilma, Tel Aviv’s 2019 sweetheart is writing a book about her journey to acceptance – the biography of a woman trapped in a man’s body – show your support

An event this big requires good will and plenty of help, want to be part of the process? Leave us a message or join our WhatsApp group

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