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Tel Aviv is one of the most gay friendly cities in the world! That means that Pride Week in Tel Aviv is a colorful, joyful and crazy week, impossible to miss! There are many parties, meetups, raves all kinds of events to celebrate Pride! Get your glad rags on as the High Holidays of Tel Aviv’s thriving LGBT community are upon us and all are invited to celebrate! Happy Pride Everyone!

Check out Secret Tel Aviv’s ‘Guide to the Best Gay Bars in Tel Aviv’:

Tel Aviv Pride Parade

Are you coming to Tel Aviv for Pride Week? This is for you!

Where to stay during Pride Week?

Your first step is to find somewhere to sleep. We have lists for Tel Aviv’s Best Hotels (best of the best), Tel Aviv’s Best Boutique Hotels (exclusive and tasteful) and Tel Aviv’s Best Hostels (fun and affordable) so whatever it is you are looking for, we’ve got you covered! You can book hotels directly through Secret Tel Aviv’s Platform. (That amazing pool on the left belongs to The Norman Tel Aviv)

Where are the best places to eat and drink in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is any foodies paradise, and after all the partying you will need a good and substantial meal, check out our Food and Drink Guides, we have everything from Tel Aviv’s Best Breakfast for the best after after-party, to Tel Aviv’s Best Gay Bars and Parties for the best places to grab a drink and meet some people. Click here to check out all the guides.

What to do during the week?

Apart from all the Pride Special Events (keep scrolling down), Tel Aviv is full of cool things to do! One the favorite activities in the city is going to the beach to relax, play Matkot, do some water sports or meet people, don’t miss Tel Aviv’s Gay Beach (in front of the Hilton Hotel), check out our Top Things to Do in Tel Aviv guide for more ideas!

Looking for more ideas? 

Check out The Gay Center in Tel Aviv, a hugely important resource for the LGBT community in Tel Aviv, based in Gan Meir. The Gay Center was established in 2008 under the premise that every person regardless of age, race, or gender has the right to live freely. The Gay Center exists as a safe environment for LGBT individuals to seek resources and stay connected with the LGBT community.

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