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Tel Aviv is one of the most gay friendly cities in the world! That means that Pride Week in Tel Aviv is a colorful, joyful and crazy week, impossible to miss! There are many parties, meetups, raves all kinds of events to celebrate Pride! Get your glad rags on as the High Holidays of Tel Aviv’s thriving LGBT community are upon us and all are invited to celebrate! Happy Pride Everyone!

Here is our guide for Tel Aviv Pride Week 2017 Highlights! For more Pride events click here.

Pride Week 2017 Highlights

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Tel Aviv Pride Parade

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade usually takes place at one of the Fridays in June (Pride Parade 2017 will be on June 9th), and it’s the closing event of the Tel Aviv Pride Week. Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade is a celebration of color, music and the right to love who ever you want! For those of you who never attended, you should, as this Parade is one of the most colorful and happy events that Israel has to offer.



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