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Why the Parade is Important

Tel Aviv Aviv Pride Parade 2020- The LGBTQ Battle continues!

In a poll answered by thousands of participants, the LGBTQ community chose to change the traditional way of celebrating pride events by giving them an added value of meaning, protest visibility and a call for liberation, safety and equality for the members of the LGBTQ community in Israel.

The LGBTQ movement, starting in the late 60s, going through dozens of events that were essential in the community’s collective memory, most recently the big LGBTQ protest last summer – The “pride battle” continues throughout the pride events and in the biggest parade in Israel the will finish them off on June 14th 2019!

Alongside of the big celebration, this year we would like to pass a clear message and a firm demand for safety for the members of the community, suitable services, education for tolerance and open mindedness, legal equality and allocation of resources.

The “Battle” is not only in the streets, but also in our ability to meet and see our selfs as a community year round, and to make an effort to see all of the groups that assemble us. The revolution that began at Stonewell in the 60’s continues till this day and is depended on our ability to work through our internal differences and to carry the historical torch, and an clear message by it: “The LGBTQ Battle continues”

Be proud and come march with us in a pride parade which is both the biggest party in town and a huge protest for the entire LGBTQ community!

Check out some of our Favorite Photos from Last Years Parade

Every year Pride Parade pictures and videos get better and better, last year’s highlights include the beautiful picture above by Roie Kashi (check out his Instagram), Basti Hansen’s iconic aftermovieJamie Bomsztyk’s air view of the parade and this year’s edition of the religious lady (not) enjoying the parade. Thanks everyone for sharing! And thank you Tel Aviv for being such an amazing Pride city! 

Featured image from Yaov Hornung.

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