Thu 30 May 2019 | 6:45 pm - 11:30 pm
All over Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv , Tel Aviv,

The French Institute, the Goethe Institut, the Polish Institut, l’Instituto Cervantès in Tel Aviv and the Austrian Cultural Forum, with the support of the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and the European Union, are happy to organize this year the 5th Tel Aviv Night of Philosophy, a both philosophical and festive – free of charge! – night-time itinerary with discussions, lectures, panels, screenings and music, which will take place in various locations around Rothschild Boulevard, to approach the fundamental issues in our present day societies.

The events will take place simultaneously at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Tola’at Sfarim on Mazeh St., the Chelouche Gallery, La Cantina Restaurant, the bookshop Sipur Pashut and the Givon Art Forum in Neve Tsedek, the Sommer Gallery for Contemporary Art, the Lily and Bloom’s hotel, the Abraham Hostel, Beit Heseg on Rothschild Boulevard and at the French Institute of Tel Aviv.

Night of Philosophy @ CCA | 2a Tsadok HaCohen St, Central Tel Aviv

8:00 – 9:20 pm – “A Finger Up the West’s Butt” – philosophical reflections following Nadav Lapid’s movie Synonymes (2019), with Ori Rotlevy, Alma Itzhaky, Adam Aboulafia, and in the presence of the director Nadav Lapid. The roundtable will be held in Hebrew

9:30 – 10:30 pm – “HASENHERZ or the Pleasures of the Moving Image and Word” – Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond in conversation with Karam Natour. Introduced by composer Arnold Schönberg in 1918, HASENHERZ is a screening and discussion format that appropriates the method of iterated performances with a discussion in-between. Since 2012, Anderwald and Grond have used this method to engage with artists working with the moving image, expanded cinema, and poetry. The event will be held in English

10:40 – 11:40 pm “Sharing and Delegation” – relationships imposed in the creation of “les gens d’Uterpan” with Franck Apertet. Through the presentation of ‘protocols’, ‘strategies’ and ‘procedures’ that he creates with Annie Vigier, Franck Apertet will discuss the interaction of stakeholders in the creative postulate of “Les Gens d’Uterman”. The event will be held in English

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Night of Philosophy @ Bookworm | Maze 7, Central Tel Aviv

The Bauhaus and Austrian Philosophy

20: 00-20: 50 Panel in Hebrew , to speak Heidegger in Hebrew – Eran Dorfman, Shaul Seter, Rachel Peretz, Hagit Aldema, Haim Du’el Lusky, Moderator: Ronit Peleg

21:45-22:25 – Walter Benjamin’s sentence: “there are no epochs of decline”, Andrzej Leder

22:30-23:10 – The Idea of Honor in Politics and Ethics, Anne Siegetsleitner

23:15-23:55 – End of the principle of hope? Utopia, memory and the libidinal, Andrzej Leder

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Disorientation @ A Simple Story | Shabazi 36, Neve Tzedek

Disorientation: Hebrew/Arabic and the Question of Philosophy

21:00-20:00 – Theory, East/Gender (Hanna Soker-Schwager, Hadas Shabat-Nadir, Moderator: Galili Shahar)

21:05-22:05 – Translation: A Reading, Between Hebrew and Arabic (Zahiye Kundos, Almog Behar, Moderator: Galili Shahar)

23:10-22:10  – Israel/Palestine, World-Literature? (Ella Elbaz, Manar Makhoul, Moderator: Galili Shahar)

23:15 – 00:15  -Islam, Mysticism and the Matter of Philosophy (Avi Elqayam, Yossi Schwartz, Moderator: Galili Shahar)

Panels Series in Cooperation with the Study Program “Arab-Jewish Cultural Studies” at the Tel Aviv University

Panels Series in Cooperation with the Study Pro

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