Fri 23 February 2018 | 6:00 am - 1:00 pm
xTel Aviv - Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv,

Join 40,000 runners taking part in this year’s Tel Aviv Marathon!

Kick-off times:

  • 6:00 Hand cycle race
  • 6:15 Half Marathon – 1st group
  • 6:30 Half Marathon – 2nd group
  • 7:00 Marathon – 42.2K
  • 8:45 10K – 1st group
  • 9:00 10K – 2nd group
  • 9:15 10K – 3rd group
  • 9:30 10K – 4th group
  • 10:45 5K

The Course:

This year’s course starts at Park Hayarkon, heading out down Rokach, and turning right at Ibn Gvirol towards the airport. A quick loop around the airport and the Nemal takes the runners to Hayarkon (13km).

From Hayarkon it heads all the way down the beach, past Jaffa, to Midron Park (19km), before turning round and heading all the way back again the other way down Hayarkon to Allenby (24km).

At Allenby the runners turns right to start a big loop, first up the hill on Allenby, and then left at Rothschild Boulevard to Habima. At Habima it swings right, takes a detour around Sarona and the Misrad HaPanim (28km), before turning around and heading back the same way to Allenby Hayarkon (32km).

We are down to the last 10k! Turning right onto Hayarkon and towards the Nemal, the runners do a u-turn when they reach Rokach, and head back down Dizengoff. At Ben Gurion they swing left to Kikar Rabin (37km), before another left onto Ibn Gvirol for the final stretch down Ibn Gvirol and into the park! If you have made it this far… Kol Hakavod!


About the T-Shirts:

You might not know that but every Tel Aviv Marathon has its own t­-shirt as a trademark, fit for exercise and with a different colour each year. If you ever walk around the city at night you could see many night runners wearing Tel Aviv Marathon t­shirts and know who participated in what year of the race.


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