Thu 11 April 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv,

This city needs a shock, we seem to have forgotten what it is to the new, the desire to expand musical horizons has been replaced by the urge to be part of the herd, the same repetitions as a medium cable station when the main thing is to see and be seen.
No more, something refreshing is happening in the city soon, we shout the need for musical innovation, art and a different entertainment experience.
We do not sell extra superfluous superlatives. We can commit to one thing – when the music plays, you will dance.

Soon the rest of the details will be revealed.

Claptone – 1st time in Israel.

An intriguing golden bird mask, an old black hat, white gloves and especially a tech house wizard with lots of musical depth.
His work is characterized by crisp sound as dubbed by the world magazine DJ Mag and anyone who has experienced Clapton as a show knows this is something unique that goes from Deep House to a historic techno that gives a dramatic feeling that everything is happening.
Who is hiding behind this phenomenon called Clapton? We probably will not know but we do not intend to miss our set.
We all know the music because of its unique sound effect, but what do we really know about this mysterious project called Clapton?
It is a veteran musical producer based in Berlin who keeps his identity secret by a gilded mask and as a tribute to the principle of “music speaks and not the face” which leaves the personality behind and gives a maximum stage to his works.
Clapton broke out for the first time in 2011 with a series of singles that included well-known hits such as “Light May Fair” and the haunted melody Wu Tang Klan-Krim’s song. These moves put him in a precise schematic and dragged on collaborations with the biggest producers of George Murrell, Shop Boys.
The main recognition came in 2013 with the track “Nu Eis” in collaboration with the French band Dop.
In 2015, Clapton released his debut album “Charmer”, which gained momentum in the World House scene. The album was packed with collaborations with significant names such as Peter Bjorn, Jimmy Tenor and more.
From there the rumor spread, and other projects such as Remix for Beatles and Remix, which were acclaimed for creating “Liquid Spirit” which soon became the best-selling Trac in Beatford at the time.
Our last release is the Fantast album in 2018 which is now played all over the world.

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