Thu 14 February 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Zeitlin Auditorium - Zeitlin 22, Tel Aviv,

Tel Aviv Arts Council, Young Patrons of the Arts Celebrating Israeli Creative Culture – Its time to get your old & new school Moroccan vibe on with: Neta Elkayam & Amit Hai Cohen // Cultivate Your Sephardi Soul

Concert with these superstars honoring the piyyutim poetic songs of their ancestors & a unique blend of traditional vocals, live instrumentals & electronic beats. The duo will be rocking out to the ancient poems of Rabbi David Ben Aharon Ben Hasin in homage.
Our “golden age” of North Africa show is followed by a DJ Piyyut Ofir Toubol dance party. He creates effects mixing elements of classic Israeli pop music with the greatest piyyutim of all time into an original sound track
There will be lots of flowing wine thanks to Golan Heights Winery

Date: Thursday February 14th 2019, doors open 8:30pm
Who: 20s & 30s, young cool Tel Avivis
Venue: Zeitlin Auditorium, 22 Zeitlin Street, Tel Aviv
(post show DJ dance party + wine in the Brodt Center lobby)
Ticket: 65NIS (exclusive for 20s & 30s)

About the Event: 9th Annual Piyyutim Festival
This is the only festival of its kind in Tel Aviv that encourages exploring the depths of the spirit, poetry, and culture of Jewish tradition; in a young cool fun way. The festival at the Brodt Center breathes life into the ancient liturgy through innovative arrangements, unusual combinations of artists, and different musical styles. We get to recognize the beauty and uniqueness of our traditions within the rich and colorful fabric of the Jewish People.

Neta Elkayam – Vocals & Percussion
Neta Elkayam was born in Israel to a family of North African “Maghreb” origins. Having graduated with honors from the Key School of Arts, she now works and lives in Jerusalem. Neta inherited from her grandmother her knowledge of Moroccan Arabic which continues to grow today through Moroccan music, brought to Israel by the large Jewish community that migrated from the Maghreb. Inspired by North African women’s music, she enfolds in her voice Andalusian, Berber and Middle Eastern influences. She has performed with The Middle Eastern Andalusian Orchestra, collaborating with the great Moroccan Chaabi (popular Moroccan folk music) vocalists Mike Karouchi and Reymond el Badawiya, has sung on stage with well-known artists such as Maurice El Medioni and Nino Biton and has been invited to perform on stages around the world.

Amit Hai Cohen – Piano & Computer
Amit Hai Cohen is a musician and filmmaker living in Jerusalem. His grandparents left Morocco 69 years ago, hailing from the southeastern village of Tizgui. Amit has always been connected his past, managing to portray it in his work. He is determined to showcase his history, tradition and highlight modern social problems though his art. Amit is married to Neta and the duo will be rocking out to the ancient poems of Rabbi David Ben Aharon Ben Hasin in homage.

Rabbi David Ben Hassin (1727–1792) is considered to have been one of the greatest Jewish Moroccan poets and one of the best-known figures of Jewish liturgic poetry. His piyyutim were spread through the Sephardic world. He travelled to various communities in Morocco and also to Gibraltar, where his poems were well received. He is the author of Tehila le David (Song of David), a collection of liturgic poems and elegies which have inspired many Moroccan singers, and of Mekoman chel zebahim (“Place of Sacrifices”), a versification of the slaughter rituals practiced in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. Some of his poems include his name in acrostic.

Mayu Shviro – Cello

Ofer Toubol – DJ Piyyut
A piyyut (from Greek poiētḗs “poet”) is a Jewish liturgical poem, usually designated to be sung, chanted, or recited during religious services. Piyyutim have been written since Temple times. Most piyyutim are in Hebrew or Aramaic, and most follow some poetic scheme, such as an acrostic following the order of the Hebrew alphabet or spelling out the name of the author. Obviously when Ofer gets his hands on them, he is mixing them up with Israeli artists including Ofra Haza & Barry Sakharof to create something new, breaking musical borders.

About our Organization: Tel Aviv Arts Council
Young Patrons of the Arts Celebrating Israeli Creative Culture

The Tel Aviv Arts Council celebrates the creative culture of Israel by providing a venue for young creatives and lovers of the arts to gather while attending lectures and demonstrations by world class artists, performers, and technologists.

The common theme in our events is a playful exploration of the world around us and the search for something unique that expands our vistas and leaves one with a sense of wonder. All of our private events are non-profit, but professionally produced to provide attendees with a comfortable environment to engage with the arts community, and take place in various venues throughout our great city.

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