Sun 5 January 2020 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Israel Philharmonic - Huberman 1, Tel Aviv,

Tel Aviv Arts Council

*Young Patrons of the Arts Celebrating Israeli Creative Culture

Presents a very special evening:

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lahav Shani
+ Private post concert wine reception exclusive for our young patrons of the arts mingling with members of the orchestra, so that’s cool.


:: Ben-Haim: Symphony no. 1
:: Ravel: Piano Concerto in G major
:: Stravinsky: The Firebird
:: Martha Argerich, Pianist
:: Lahav Shani, IPO Music Director designate

Thanks to a generous contribution, the Tel Aviv Arts Council, in partnership with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, is able to offer tremendously discounted tickets exclusively to our young patrons of the arts.

Date: Sunday January 5th 8pm
Venue: Charles Bronfman Auditorium, HaBima Square, Tel Aviv
Dress: It’s the philharmonic, so dress to impress!
Ticket: 125 NIS (big discount off regular tickets)
Who: EXCLUSIVE to Tel Aviv Arts Council Young Patrons, 20s & 30s

About the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is the leading symphony orchestra in Israel. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was founded as the Palestine Orchestra by violinist Bronisław Huberman in 1936, at a time when many Jewish musicians were being fired from European orchestras. Its inaugural concert took place in Tel Aviv on December 26, 1936, twelve years before the State of Israel was born.

About Paul Ben Haim
For years, Paul Ben Haim was a symbol of rejuvenation of Israeli culture in Israel, of the way in which the European nurturing ground produced a composer who contains and processes the local materials to which he was exposed as an immigrant, and a symbol of dignified Israeli music of a high standard. Perhaps it is time to review and listen to Ben Haim’s works disconnected from the historical context in which he worked. Perhaps the audiences today can listen to this symphony not as a political or national statement, but, rather, as music written by a skilled and talented musician. And yet, a moment before the piece begins, it is interesting to read what musicologist Jehoash Hirshberg wrote in his book, Paul Ben Haim, His Life and Works, regarding the circumstances of the work’s composition: “The symphony took almost a year to compose. I completed the score in June 1940, and immediately notified the director of the orchestra (Prof. Leo Kestenberg), who invited me to play the work on the piano for him… After listening to me, he asked to hear the symphony in rehearsal with the Israel Philharmonic… Consequently, Kestenberg informed me that he is inviting me to conduct the Israel Philharmonic. The concert series took place in January 1941.”

Upon completion of the symphony, Tel Aviv suffered a catastrophic air strike, resulting in 200 casualties and many injured. When asked if the everyday life of terror in Tel Aviv, the financial straits and the insecurity regarding the future of the evolving country were reflected in his score, Ben Haim chose to quote Robert Schumann: “All that is happening in the world touches me: politics, literature, human beings. I reflect about it all, as is my way, and all this bursts forth in my music, looking for a way out.”

The second movement of the symphony is based on a long melodic line, which is the source of all the motivic material of the movement. Hirshberg comments that the end of the theme is quoted from a motif of a traditional song of the Persian Jewry, “I shall raise my eyes to the mountains”, which was arranged by Ben Haim for the singer Bracha Tzfira in April 1940. Here is an example of the way in which everyday life infiltrated the composer’s musical materials (Ben Haim was making a living at the time from the arrangements he made for Tzfira). This shows the capacity of Israeli reality to influence, even inadvertently, the music written in this region.

About the Tel Aviv Arts Council
Young Patrons of the Arts Celebrating Israeli Creative Culture

The Tel Aviv Arts Council celebrates the creative culture of Israel by providing a venue for young creatives and lovers of the arts to gather while attending lectures and demonstrations by world class artists, performers, and technologists.

The common theme in our events is a playful exploration of the world around us and the search for something unique that expands our vistas and leaves one with a sense of wonder. All of our private events are non-profit, but professionally produced to provide attendees with a comfortable environment to engage with the arts community, and take place in various venues throughout our great city.

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