Sat 13 October 2018 | 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
TEDER.FM - Jaffa Road, 9, Tel Aviv,

Red Stripe Show – Elkay Harley Live
Saturday 13.10 16:00 Beit Romano

★ Elkay Hurley (England Jamaica) Live ★
Local support – Kitten ★ Mei Lord + Izzy Ryder ★ Walter + Katik ★ Dresner + Shiva Biwa + Jahl ★

It may be the end of the summer, but summer is not over yet

Saturday 13.10 Starting at 16:00 at Beit Romano – Yard Parti Third and especially magnificent from the Vered Strip! – this time ‘in line with the London-London airline and under the direction of the London-based Grace Green-Hairy Princess Elkay Hurley, backed by a powerful sound system, a pretty house gang on the right side, cool Red Strippers and an eternal sun!

★ ★

About Elkay Harley> Akka “Hot Shot” was born in Jamaican Yard and grew to fame in South London. The young singer-songwriter has begun to make a name in recent years with clips that have won hundreds of thousands of hits, touring with giants such as Shaggy and most of all – a special gum-phosphorus-and-moving sound that blends effortlessly between Arnie, The Beautiful, Dancehall and YK Grimm

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