Thu 1 February 2018 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Tel Aviv - , Tel Aviv,

Hey owls!
It’s been too long since we danced together.
We are going to celebrate the next round with a legendary lineup, a warm and tropical location with a serious and advanced sound system.

The exact event location (Tel Aviv) will be sent by SMS on the day of the event to all purchasers. What we can tell about the location, is that we have turned it into a real alive and breathing jungle and it’s hard to ignore the fact that the owls are a natural animal who lives in forests and jungles – And the jungle to us.
Live scenery, artistic representatives, video art and techno, the first circus of its kind in Israel – all for the sensual experience that will bring us home with chills.

It is important to note: the price of the tickets will increase gradually towards the date of the event, the number of tickets is very limited, no sale will be possible.

** entrance: 23+**

About the Lineup: It’s hard to explain in words, a combination of two monsters, one German and the other Italian, with the most precise groove and sound we can get.
See you on the dance-floor!


The duo has conquered every possible stage with innumerable hits that are playing nonstop at each of our playlists, they are coming to us in a vision to do what they know best – smash!
Both Frankey and Sandrino have operated separately in electronic music for more than a decade. On the one hand, Sandrino, whose passion for life is motivated by a love of all kinds of home music. On the other hand, Frankey, an educated musician, already has a series of groovy and unique albums. After their meeting at the “Bhutan Club” the guys were attracted to each other by their mutual thirst for deep melodic music, and as a result we get the perfect accuracy.

For a long time, Lehar has been providing us with the most diverse music there is, Intuition and emotion are the basis of his creative process and certainly place him on the map of modern electronic music and represent his artistic manifesto: a mixture of sounds and atmosphere of dramatic influences characterized by intimate lounges and intriguing melodies. is obviously stamped on the label of DIYNAMIC MUSIC -SOLOMUN. Happy to host it as part of the world tour he does in these waters and believe us it was very difficult to close this for our audience.

The duo producers Yariv Sternberg and Dan Tal – Palliate, the Afterparty’s and private events experts (if you are close enough). Their sound is characterized by a sexy and groovy techno, this multi-dynamic ensemble is characterized by excellent musical knowledge, they know how to conquer the audience and also how to rule the concert at the heart of the show. Their creations are already played by top-notch artists, rampa, hernan cattaneo, and many others that we will not have room for everyone. The coming year is going to be noisy for them and there are even some little whispers about a secret label that has taken shape.


The audience who heard him fell in love, the audience that has not yet, do not know what he missed. Elior Res. does not stop feeling and renewing with the unique music that characterizes it. The energy he brings with him on the decks is something special that you have attached only to him. There is no doubt that something cosmic happens in the dance floor when he is on the stand, counting the days to his set that will take us for a walk in the depths of the jungle.

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