Thu 9 January 2020 | 9:30 pm - 10:40 pm
Bascula - HaRakevet 72, Tel Aviv,

Taiko Life Concert ~You are everything~

Place : The Bascula, Harakevet 72, Tel-Aviv
Jan.9, 2020 (Thursday)

Doors Open : 20:30
Starts: 21:30

Link for tickets at 100 NIS:

We are Taiko Life – Israel’s first and only professional Taiko drum team with a unique style which incorporates elements of martial arts, zen drumming and meditation.

The taiko drums are large drums made from natural materials which create deep and various frequencies which can be felt physically, with open, excite and heal our souls. Because of their size and sound, we use all our body and use all our energy to play – a technique which is based on elements from the martial arts while being in a state of meditative consciousness.

Always pursuing a path without giving up growth
taking on experiences that shake the soul
which mysterious points in time and space offer
so we can continue to strive to new heights.

A live opportunity to hear and feel a strike deep within your soul

It is time!!!
After performing in different events and places around Israel, we feel it is time again to create a private space where we can give our art a stage, and more importantly, to share and connect with all of you.

For this show we chose the Bascula in Tel-Aviv where we can create a 360 degree experience which is close and personal (not an audience vs. a stage), a show in which the players and listeners are on the same platform.

We continued to improve and progress with new video art, lighting, projection, and sound – to do what we can to bring you a complete experience – that will break the routine – like a special ceremony….ours, together.

And there is excitement in the air!!! Something that has not yet happened and can change how we see what is around us… we will go on stage like it is the first time that we touch the drum, and take you with us. This ceremony will remind us of our connection to ourselves, to one another, to what is around us. We will release our fears and bring ourselves to the edge, to unfasten ourselves from routine, from inertia, from apathy…and we will perform like a storm.

And if you know someone who should come, invite them too!

We have a surprise for you at our upcoming concert! An amazing collaboration with the talented artist and friend, (and another Nitai! 😉) Nitai Kallay.
Nitai Kallay is the lead singer of the “Hayelala”; band, a vocalist and a Tai Chi teacher, and will perform with us on the evening of Nov.28th at the Bascula in Tel-Aviv.

Also Miho Kataoka, a Japanese flute player who is active in various arts such as dance and ceramics,
and Israeli flute player Alon Nataf, will perform together for the first time alongside the drums to create music which will delicately touch your heartstrings.
Peak into this Japanese inspired moment in Israel and let your soul heal…
Don’t miss this opportunity!

Please join us.

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