Thu 7 March 2019 | 7:05 pm - 11:55 pm
Gelada - Ruhama 9, Tel Aviv,

Abundance and abundance

We are excited to invite you to open a new exhibition. A series of photographs we have worked on over the last year that takes a turn from our preoccupation with local food and culture and focuses on ritualism and pop culture in the local culture but not only. The event will also feature new print series as well as super limited edition shirts that we created together with Gelada.


Cyberis magazine was born from a common idea to respond to the podium culture that has been created in Israel in recent years.
Throughout history, painters and photographers have documented and reacted to the culture around them through the symbolism of food. Food in our eyes is not only a sensory experience but also tells a story about culture, class, ritual.
The medium we chose to work with is still life photography, another common love.

Cyberis is Boris Fabrikant, an artist and musician photographer, Ran Golani, photographer and artist.
Natasha Bogoslavsky, creative director.

On the post: Kirill Cherikover

Special thanks to the Dalton winery for sponsoring wine.

Sybaris formed in Tel-Aviv by Boris Fabrikant artist, Natasha Boguslavsky, art director and graphic designer. In collaboration with Ran Golani, photographer and artist. Reflecting a mutual passion and interest in the relationship between food and culture. We see food culture as a representative of social, cultural and sometimes political state of people and social phenomenons.

We are consumers of visual content on a daily basis, and love tongue in cheek especially. We started to take notice on a large shift in food and lifestyle photography in the world and in Israel specifically, where it’s usually 10 years behind the rest of the world. This particular way of photography became the standard for photography which is used in cookbooks, advertising, lifestyle magazines etc.
It all started to look the same for us. It all looks like “serving proposals” photographs which even if you cook the dish, you can never achieve that “high goal” aesthetics. So we decided to give our own representation of food culture, and by that, to tell stories about israeli food culture and society which is really diverse – it’s cut, mixed and constantly looking for it’s definition because it still doesn’t have one. It’s quite a surrealistic playground for us.
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