Sat 24 February 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Kikar Habima - Habima, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

From the earliest days, swing dancing was used by young people to break the racist norms of society. Be it the integration of the Savoy nightclub, which flaunted the segregationist norms of the day, or the usage of swing music by young Europeans to subvert the fascism of the day.

Today we unite in support for an equally worthy cause. Our government aims to deport thousands of refugees without as much as trying their case as the law requires. We stand with them. We stand against racism. We stand against deportation. Just like the Jewish people allegorically did, these people crossed the desert and faced uncountable dangers. Not just in hope of a better life, but in hope of life itself. Treat refugees as refugees. Swing out against deportation.

The purpose of the event is to support the refugees and express public opposition to the government’s inhumane decision to expel them to a third country and to subject them to life-threatening dangers. T-shirts designed with the slogan shown above will be sold and profits, if any, will be donated to non-profit organizations supporting refugees (such as א.ס.ף, ARDC, and Eliflet). We will also accept cash donations at the event that will be donated to these organisations.

At the street party, we will dance while wearing the shirts and try to raise additional funds, or at least support, from passers-by. We have the opportunity to get off the couch, and, by doing what we love most, contribute together to a tremendously important struggle that is taking place right here and now under our very noses. We must realize the potential of the amazing and special community we have, to harness our lives to the imperative of the hour.

Questions regarding the deportation and the status of refugees in Israel can be addressed to Tifany Lozano in a PM. During the party we will dedicate time for a Q&A.

T-shirts are 30 NIS but you are encouraged to give more than this minimum amount. The funds raised will be donated to the above three organisations.

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