Thu 17 January 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv, 100 NIS

Space Expedition 17012019 – Space Dawn – Getting Off the Road!
A special delegation from Sunrise Kingdom, the soundcamp that brought the techno and the house to Midberan, is exploring the space of the galaxy to see if the sunrise in space is more beautiful than the sunrise in the desert? Join us on this special mission, which will take place at the Haoman 17 Club on January 17, which will turn into a galaxy of bits with a backdrop from the Space. 🙂

They will fly you to the stars:

Ella Gutman – the first DJ in Israel will launch us into a parallel universe
Ofer Holtzman – founder of Sunrise, Terra and others, takes command of the bridge
Alex Mazor – Head of the Special Research Mission on Castor and Snare
Amit Mami GAMI – Director of the Zero Gravity Levels Experiment
Gil Cory
Adam Tan – the booster astronaut and the expansive champion, Dov Rubber, Terra, and where not?
Nir Feibish – returns exactly from the Vietnam Festival delegation, and from there the galaxies are the limit!
Shlomi Biton – The sound scientist will check how many speakers you need to dance on the moon
Uri Feibish FEBS – will guide us exactly between asteroids and black holes

And there are more surprises we will reveal later!

All of them you will hear of course at our Saundakloud with recordings from 2014 to today …

All the profits, of course, to finance our activities only in the Berne events, and everything was done voluntarily.

The party for the 21+ age group
* Please maintain personal space and respect each other
* The event is not suitable for children of course
* Cancellation of tickets (less credit fee) – up to 7 days before the event.
* Transfer tickets – send us a message to the page with the details, until the day before the event

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