Fri 12 April 2019 | 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Colombiana Finca opens the fourth season,
As usual, after a light winter rest, the voice and the trumpet are happy to tell you about the fourth edition of what is so precious to us – the memories that can not be extinguished.

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In 20 minutes or more, it is customary to travel according to the legislator. From the very heart of Tel Aviv, there is one of the villas full of scenery and trees, the kind to which it is hard to stay.
Everyone who has experienced Columbia knows that the first important thing in our traditional pinca is the location that has been sewn like a glove next to the kind of novels we all crave for a short combination that can only be seen in films.
After metaphorically explaining the border of theatricality and removing any doubt that this is another summit meeting of the current we represent, the turn of the line up we have put you exposed. The warm names that will take you on a journey between sounds, fat bits and psychedelic scenery all this and more so as not to forget the refreshing pool and the return to the Amocionic mother Colombia …
It should be noted that Colombiana does not believe in huge parties and therefore the place is limited by the number of participants and thus we will maintain the quality of the event and the family feeling!

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