Thu 29 November 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:55 pm
Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - 21 Levontin st, Tel Aviv, 70 NIS

Feeling of a storm coming
Three vehicles
winter clock
One evening
Eclectic instorataly
In a joint production with Microverse Productions

SUFA: Tiny fingers | Hoodna orchestra Dialgo
First performance
First Round: Hurricane
Round two tickets: Tornado – 70
Price of funds: Typhoon – 80

Tiny fingers

The groundbreaking ensemble, which creates a powerful experience of advanced connection between sounds, bits and energies, has just landed from a crazy summer in fusion in Germany, a boom in Portugal and more legendary performances …
A brilliant team of brilliant and psychologically accurate musicians

Hoodna orchestra

The Houdna Orchestra is a 12-instrumental orchestra that studies and studies the African origins of Western popular music. The orchestra was established in 2012 in South Tel Aviv by a group of musicians and artists, and functions as an independent collective and for a label whose artistic director is guitarist and composer Ilan Smilan.
“Opal” – the second album of the Houdna Orchestra

The album’s themes are dark and gloomy, inspired by the harsh reality that prevails in many parts of South Tel Aviv, the region where the orchestra operates and where most of its members live, as well as various processes that occur in Israeli society and around the world. Feelings of estrangement and alienation in the urban space and in general, the splitting of social textures, intergenerational and socio-economic gaps, the clash of nationalities and religions, and the strengthening of political forces reminiscent of voices from the dark past of the last century


(Established in 2015) is a psychedelic jazz band, with influences ranging from abervite to psychedelic rock and more.
Based in Tel Aviv, the Quartet offers a unique combination of grooves pushing to jazz, wrapped in a psychedelic atmosphere, which together create the band’s specific sound.

In the past three years, the band released an EP and a full album called “Stranger Things,” after exchanging bass and adding a saxophone player to the equation. The music of Dialogue is based on improvisation and energies that later translate into compositions.
Although each member of the band lived his way in a different way, the paths intersected through the music, and found a way to complement each other musically.

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