Wed 25 September 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:50 pm
Live Park Rishon - Live Park in Rishon, Rishon Letzion,

Swede is back in Israel for one show!

“Here Come the Beautiful ones”

from the most intelligent, sexy and daring bands that are rightly considered the pioneers of the Britpop.
The band that created, disbanded, united, continued to create and won audience acclaim and criticism – is coming to one big performance in Israel as part of a large festival tour in Europe (so we do Europe!)

Swede was founded in 1989 and released her first album “Suede” The album that won the prestigious Mercury award included hits such as “Animal” Niyrate and “So Young” that accompany it to this day. In 1994 her second album “Dog Man Star” was released and was one of the leaders of the Britpop wave that swept Britain and the entire world (including Israel).

“Coming Up,” which was her third and first album since the dramatic departure of Bernard Butler, a guitarist and band creator, came out in 1996 with huge hits such as “Saturday Night”, “Trash”, “Filmstar” and “The Beautiful Ones.”
In 1999, Swede released the album “Head Music”, which also entered the first place in album sales charts and included hits “She’s In Fashion” and “Everything Will Flow”. The album “New Morning” marked the end of the band during that period and after the dissolution, its members turned to personal projects. Eight years later, the ensemble re-entered new energies and embarked on a successful tour followed by the album “Bloodsports” and since then they keep a sequence of activities including new shows and studio albums such as “Night Thoughts” in 2016 and “

Swede is one of the most important bands from Britain! A new documentary film will be screened this week as part of the Docaviv Festival. The film “Suede: The Insatiable Ones,” directed by Mike Christie, follows the band’s creative process and the potential for self-destruction that hangs over them all the time.

Swede is known as a great band of hits that comes to devour her audience with the best hits, excellent sound guitars and uncompromising performance by Solana the peacock and charismatic Bret Anderson!

This will not be Swede’s first visit to Israel. The band has performed here several times since the 1990s and since then has been nurturing its special relationship with the largest and most popular audience in Israel.

On the band’s coming to Israel: Zapa Group, Production Forum and the mass volume.

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