Fri 30 June 2017 | 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
The New Central Bus Station - Levinsky 108, Tel Aviv,



Did you get ready for this? Did you take a peek at the amazing project happening at the central bus station? Did you go back in time and space for it (hi, Doctor!)
Street TARDIS is kick-starting and we have a BBC-level event for you – the first fundraising party for the first Doctor Who street even in the world!
As the world’s longest-running television series, Doctor Who has gained countless fans and a Cult status. It has been present in many paintings and art, but there has never been a street art exhibition devoted solely to the show, to the TARDIS, to our beloved series and to our passion for it.
Street TARDIS is the first exhibition of its kind in the world
Together with the unusual location and the artists we create a unique and wonderful innovative project.
So what are we going to have?
Artists painting live on the station’s walls
Vending booths by original creators inspired by Doctor Who and other nerdy stuff
The Interdisciplinary Artist and DJ Fafa Gallor

The artists:
Murielle Street Art
Yotam Shitrit
Anna.R.Ky Art Project
Lord of Lords – LOL (Yoni Danziger)
Damian Tab
Solomon Suza
Volume 1
Ros Plazma
Adi Sened
Rafi Baler
Hila Sheleg
By The Way
Mr. Leaf (Mati Ale)
Imaginary Duck
Etgar Refael
Natalie Mendel
Oren martan
Ryrn Rakover
Arc D.L.P
Debi Oulo
Maxim Villain
Sigalit Turgeman

Curator- Mati Ale (not Tom Baker <3 br=””> Production – Yoni Danziger
marketing and content- Biky Paloma Stoleru
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