Thu 31 May 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sheinkin Street - Sheinkin, Tel Aviv,

Celebrating 20 years of pride on the streets of Tel-Aviv!
An enormous street party with live music and shows, throwin back to the first pride event that accured on 1993 on Sheinkin Street and broght the gay community upfront.
The event will enclude nostalgic elements from the same event (25 years ago) and a ninetees inspired party!

We can’t spill the beans about the rest of it, but we CAN let you know who will play:

Stav Ben Yakar (Flashback, Mesibot 90’s, Reshet Gimel)
Tal Argaman (1984, Mesibat Kita Dalet, Kan 88)

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