Thu 8 August 2019 | 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Clipa Theater - Harakevet 38, Tel Aviv,

After we peeled, we peeled and ended up in the shell – born again and excited as part of the Tmuna Theater !
Moving Apartment + Two Year Anniversary + Sweet Sixteen Suite (16 performances) + 8.8 = 🌀 Endless reasons for celebrations!

Come Celebrate Yourself With Us With Laughter And Cry (of Happiness, Too)

– Running on
Stages : Roshanna Benahahim, Zaza, Please Touch, Assis D’Orange, Nona Shant, and The Artist FKA Anton

– Crazy Guests Whose Performance Is Revelation Spiritual:
Mama De La Smallah Ellen Best
Lilly Puss Anat Lerner


In the middle of the show, your chance.

Come show yourself and the drag you came with from home. Luke – REBORN / MA.SHEBA.LI –

– Dance Party – At the end of the show you stay dancing !!!

Theater- Schonzino 8, Tel Aviv 8.8.2019
Opening Doors: 21:30 Start of Show: 22:30
Ticket – 50 NIS

It is highly recommended to pre-order tickets here:
Please note ❤! The places in the hall are unmarked.

Strange Prote is a sexy, non-politically correct drag show that brings the art of drag to the theater stage, breaking the boundaries of allowed and gendered. The show plays with settings and explores performance, queries, fashion, dance, poetry and theater. Innovative, unapologetic and uncompromising interpretation of the country and the world.

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