Wed 28 August 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Heaven - Bar Yochai 53, Tel Aviv,

“I know what it is to be rejected and I know what it is to live without an identity, like a leaf in the wind, trying to dissolve myself into a thousand and one places and cry out my endless cry into the world, but the world has its own rhythm. ”

(one of the photographers of the exhibition)

Building on award-winning exhibitions in the UK and Italy, international social enterprise People of the Streets (POTSCIC) opens its debut Israeli exhibition showcasing photos, stories and recordings produced by people experiencing homelessness in the city. The organisation’s last exhibit took place at the TATE Britain gallery in London, although they operate across 4 countries.

The work on display has been produced by a cohort of individuals currently experiencing homelessness and marginalisation in Tel Aviv, and follows a 8 week photography course run by the Israeli branch of the organization, in collaboration with Venn Tel Avivn and עמותת אכפת – למען דרי רחוב Echpat NGO. The Tel Aviv satellite works with local people, local organisations and is ran by local people.

When we see the world through the perspective of other people, the likelihood that we will understand their lives without judgment increases. We believe such exposure will help shape positive public opinion and generate empathy and understanding for these populations.

“The exhibition seeks to address one of the burning – but muted – social issues that exist in Israeli society today – homelessness . We do not come to shock with horrific statistics or images, such as these are enough. We came to connect stigmas and prejudices to names, faces and life stories. It will show the city of Tel Aviv, as reflected by those who experience the city from its social, economic and geographic margins. Art can create a radical change in how we perceive people living on the fringes of society, because art belongs to everyone without exception. ” Tamar Shemesh, project director.

Preparations for the exhibition began in April 2019 with the initiation of the activity in Tel Aviv. About ten photographers have documented their lives over the past few months. The event will feature videos, audience reception, conversations with photographers, managers and project partners, as well as a speech by David Agave, Echpat NGO director.

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