Thu 12 July 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
1:1 - HaSharon 4, Tel Aviv,


Opening of 1:1 Center for Art and Politics
HaSharon 4 Tel-Aviv-Jaffa
With the exhibition:

Stolen Arab Art

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, “What is Property?”, 1840

The exhibition presents before the Israeli public a selection of video works by artists from the Arab world, works in circulation all around the world that have never before been exhibited in Israel. The exhibition shines a light onto a dark absence, a gaping hole in the contemporary artistic and cultural landscapes of Israel. By delineating these political and geographic boundaries we wish to call attention to Israel’s exclusion from the Middle East family.

The works in the exhibition are being shown in Israel without the knowledge of the artists, with actual knowledge of this act of expropriation. Through this exhibition we wish to promote a shared reality marked by open dialogue and exchange throughout the Middle East, without wars, occupation, or any borders. In staging this exhibition, we are manifesting what we wish for and believe to be right. We chose not to publish the artists’ names, on the assumption that they would not want for their work to be shown in Israel, as part of the Arab and International Cultural Boycott of Israel, and with the aim of not foisting an undesired cooperation upon them, so as to shield them from criticism and accusations of treason in their countries of origin.

1:1 is happy to open its first exhibition season in this manner, against the status quo. Out of faith in the ability of art to broaden horizons, change world views, and lead to social and political change. Toward freedom and democracy between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, and across the world entire. Art is often required to transgress moral, legal and normative boundaries in order to lead the direction forward.

Thursday July 12th, 2018

1:1 Center for Art and Politics presents a series of exhibitions, a multi-and trans-disciplinary event program, talks, screenings, and actions in public space. The center encourages a new examination of all the fundamental values and conceptual institutions at the base of modern autonomous art, primarily ownership, authorship and spectatorship. The center is a lighthouse for the freedom of speech and political and civic commitment, a site of theory and praxis promoting the use values of artistic competence, researches new economies and urbanisms, and paints on its flag the love for the foreign and strange, courage and the joy of renewal, with respect for every live being.

Artistic Director: Omer Krieger

The center is situated in a three-story building at 4 Hasharon Street, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa – a non-profit independent complex for art and culture, operated by Marcel NPO. The complex houses artist studios and hosts art and culture events.

Complex Director: Adi Englman

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