Wed 7 February 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Cuckoo's Nest - Noam 3, Tel Aviv,


The Cuckoo is proud to present “Steel City” – an urban group exhibition


Michal Ilan
Suly Bornstein Wolfff
Lisa Gross
Nimi Getter
Jillian Green Photos
Yoki Dvir
Ilan Halachmi
Dede Bandaid
Nitzan Mintz – visual poet
Gili Dyn
Yoni Zohar
Galia Goffer Zamir
Inbal Timor
Adi Tarkay
Eti More
Michal Mamit Vorka
Lida Sharet Massad
Shimrit Malul
Yanai Navon
Yariv Fisherman
Yoash Foldesh
Noam Navon
Maya Smira Art
Avinoam Sternheim
Hayah Sheps Avtalion
Tamar Sheaffer
Avner Sher
Adi Oz-ari
Ravid Hkn

Curators: Gilat Nadivi, Vera Pilpoul

About the exhibition

Steel City is a group exhibition that deals with the changing urban space and the artist’s ways of looking at and creating the urban landscape around him.

The exhibition responds to the intense growth phenomenon in recent years of skyscrapers in Tel Aviv, steel, iron and glass towers that change the skyline and parallel to the urban fabric, street, people, consumption habits and entertainment. The old street of old shops and little ones, craftsmen, cafes, the concept of neighborhood and citrus, which take on new and changing meaning.

The urban environment may be demanding and does not allow a person, it provides a continuous and dynamic visual sequence that takes over the senses. This intense, noisy presence permeates and affects many of the daily lives of the city, creating dynamic and diverse population groups, social networks and local, cultural and mental connections

During the exhibition there will be cultural evenings, lectures, art exhibits and more

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