Wed 2 May 2018 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Lool Ventures - Tushiya 2, Tel Aviv, FREE (RSVP needed)

Turbo charge your startup marketing engine with this hands on masterclass.

More than ever, early stage B2B startups in Israel are presented with unique opportunities to build a global customer base despite being geographically distant from target markets. That said, B2B marketing has become increasingly complex and sophisticated.

So we’ve brought in top marketeers for a hands on masterclass to walk you through the following challenges and many more:

– How do you clearly explaining your business value to customers, investors, partners, media?
– When and who should you hire as your CMO?
– What should your marketing tech stack look like at different stages of growth?
– How do you build an ROI driven marketing lead generation machine?
– How do you balance and invest marketing efforts across social media, events, conferences, content marketing etc.?
– How do you build and scale a world class marketing team on an early stage budget? What can you effectively outsource and what are your must have hires?
– When and how should you tell your story to local and global media? Should you bring on a PR agency?

About the speakers:

** Omer Kaplan, CRO and co-founder of ironSource **
Omer Kaplan is a co-founder of ironSource, where he has held the roles of Deputy CEO, CMO and today is CRO. Before joining ironSource, Omer was the founder and CEO of AfterDownload, a leading provider of display advertising technology which merged with ironSource in 2013. Omer is passionate about the importance of a strong marketing strategy. He wrote the Israeli bestseller ‘The A-Z of Marketing’ and brings a global marketing mentality to every project.

** Shmuli Goldberg, VP Marketing at LawGeex **
A self-professed “data nerd”, Shmuli spends his time focused on legal operations, analytics, and optimisation at LawGeex. He is an experienced marketer, who has worked with several Hi-tech start-ups focusing on B2B and SaaS solutions. Prior to LawGeex, he served as Senior Technology Evangelist at ClickTale, and Director of Marketing at Feedvisor, and has been a featured speaker at industry conferences all over the world.

** Amir Mizroch, Director of Communications at Start-Up Nation Central **
Formerly Tech Editor for The Wall Street Journal, Amir now heads up communications for Start-Up Nation Central, an NGO bringing Israeli innovation to wherever it’s needed in the world. Amir works daily on connecting Israel’s innovation with a global audience. He was previously a Director at leading PR firm in London, Milltown Partners, where he worked on strategic and corporate communications with some of the world’s biggest technology companies and provided portfolio communications services for venture capital and private equity firms.

** Lior Student, Messaging Specialist & Inventor – Make a Point **
Lior is a messaging specialist and the inventor of Make a Point, the first message crafting tool. Lior operates in the spheres of messaging, visuals & delivery, offering an audience-centric and a result-oriented approach. Lior is dedicated to messaging, the art of crystalizing ideas, articulating the essence and delivering it for results and works closely with both startups and corporates.

6:00pm: Food & Drinks
6:30pm: Intro by Omer Kaplan, CRO & Co-founder, ironSource
6:50pm: Marketing Masterclass by Shmuli Goldberg
7:15pm: Roundtable discussions with speakers
9:00 pm: Event wrap-up & Beers

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