Wed 14 February 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Sputnik Bar - 122 Allenby, Tel Aviv,

They were beloved lovers and everything in between
Here comes his Valentine’s Day and it is very important for us to celebrate it because after all we really love you and without you nothing would have happened here. So we prepared a special evening full of content in all its varieties.
Live performance by Zoe Polanski, which will be accompanied by Aviad Zinemanas and they will perform songs from the three solo albums of Bella Tar, reworked in 3D.

Then we are expected to catch the love of a colorful Oceania that we missed very much Itamar Fintzi.
In the room of Jacob Prophecy Playground will cost the set Wineless.

In the culinary aspect, a 3-Way-Dinner special is designed, which means that tables of 3 people will receive treats and surprises.
For the good old Ménage à trois

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