Sun 30 July 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Sputnik Bar - 122 Allenby, Tel Aviv, FREE

To get the best of tradition, Sputnik collaborates with Steve’s Food-Bar to bring the American diner to the satellite, where chefs Omer Caspi & Nadav Errad will work for us!

Sliders (hamburgers): All the burgers come out with mayonnaise, carpaccio,
Lettuce, tomato and cheese
Single – one pattach of 70 g in Belchmanye
Double – two patties each 70 g in a bun.

Additives to hamburger-bacon, guacamole, fried onion, mushrooms

Salo Go – a minced meat dish (about 150 g) in barbecue sauce
In a hamburger bun with a touch of coleslaw.

Hot dog sausage – hot dog in a bun
With a stew of Tzadi and Tzadar cheese

Mushroom Burger 150g Champignon and Portobello mushrooms
Sliced ​​in a pan with olive oil and white wine
Served with a hamburger sandwich with mayonnaise, carpaccio,
Lettuce, tomato and cheese

Potato boats are creamed with sour cream and bacon and chives

Dessert – surprise (:

So we’ll have an evening of films with more surprises not yet revealed
The entrance is free and jazz plays.
The Audrey Howe

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