Sun 10 June 2018 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Sputnik Bar - 122 Allenby, Tel Aviv,

Aanother Sunday special that takes place on the new restaurant “Shick Shak Shuk” does a takeover on our kitchen and balcony.

A little intro: a restaurant that opened a few months ago with a special ethnic concept that combines food and music from the Mediterranean basin.
Chef and owner TAHAL HALOY, has accumulated much experience in the culinary scene in the city and has built a happy, high quality kitchen and Miriam.
The menu is rich and very colorful and offers dishes with meat, fish, vegetarian dishes and vegan dishes. Among our flagship dishes: Ar’ais and Mashan from the Arab kitchen

A sweet Jerusalem Bijala bread alongside a sharp basket and Tamina tahini.
Tomato Salad – Cherry tomatoes with black fruits, tzatziki, and parsley.
Bruschetta Sausage – Saujak Sauce Aioli Aioli, tomato jam and cardamom and cinnamon.
Bruschetta beets – beet leaves, dry Arabic cheese, arugula, hazelnuts and date jam and chili.
Spinach spinach – spinach, mozzarella, Druze cheese and arisa served alongside feta cheese.
Aries lamb – Pita with veal and lamb fat served with tahini amba and salsa.
Sienia Vegan – unloading, cauliflower, raw tahini, potato and tomato.
Green and summer salad.
Dessert: Knefa with pistachio ice cream.

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