Sun 9 June 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Sputnik Bar - 122 Allenby, Tel Aviv,

May your Shavuot be happy!

Hello world music lovers, Happy Shavuot.

In honor of the coming holiday, a unique performance was formed, leading to a particularly colorful evening.

Sidra plays the sitar. He produces hypnotic sounds from the strange and mysterious instrument
and the shining Polish ship, a dance that hovers and moves in a snake that makes anatomy laws upside down to the human body. The
two take us on a journey from the hypnotist to a show that brings the next trend to Israel in this scene.
And it’s great to start the week like this. You
are invited to bite into the apple, with responsibility.

Dark and pickup gang, dark and gentle in Hebrew,
will take us for a ride in their world.
Mmmm intriguing.

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