Thu 19 December 2019 - Sat 21 December 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
All over Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv , Tel Aviv,

The Spot Festival in the living room comes to the center of Tel Aviv. We left everything important and brought more musicians who will open the houses and hearts for a perfect intimate musical experience.

For those who haven’t been before, Spot in the Living Room is the most local festival there and this time we have 30 performances in 30 living rooms in the artists’ homes themselves. The spot this time will take place in central Tel Aviv, so we hope to enjoy the time of everyone waiting in line for an apartment with some music.

How It Works?
The festival poster will appear on every door of a house that has a performance, for easy orientation.

Admission is free, in the homes you will be waiting for a warm apple cider, donuts and cold Maccabi beer – a gesture of love from the brand that put the local art in front.

Have you arrived at the house and there is a sign on the ‘full show’ door? Have a look at the event calendar here and move to another house in the neighborhood, everything is really close. We will be updating in real time where full, who has more space and the refrigerator with the most drunk magnet. You can now prepare yourself for the fact that the performances are also expected to be filled half an hour in advance.
Come and Come:

♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ Thursday 19.12.19 ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫

♪ Anat Lerner – a show that celebrates differences and uniqueness and encourages feminine power – 8th floor 1st floor 2.
Rami Feinstein – Original folk-rock acoustic for a fourth and first album in English- Gordon 86 4th Floor 10.
♪ Ran Shen – Blues, Israeli, contemporary rock songs with heart-piercing music and story lyrics- Ibn Gvirol 8th floor 1 apartment 3.
♪ Adam Ben Nun – contemporary folk rock with experimental touches that will throw you off – Melchett 59th floor 2 Apartment 4.
♪ Amit Amit – singer and creator of Hebrew pop rock style.
Shmaryahu Levin 4, 1st floor Apartment 3.
♪ Dor Bar Natan-Singer Sung Reiter engages a rich and original folk rock music that deals with the most real and sensitive issues of his life – Sprintzak 1st floor 2nd apartment 18.
♪ PANGEA – Prog Alternative Metal Music in English that produces Spacious atmosphere filled with mysterious darkness- Nahmani 49 Ground floor Apartment 1.
♪ NO`OMI- Through Lopes, Keyboards, Saxophones and Voices, Naomi creates sweeping soundtracks and rhythm and brings her organic and electronic jazz to new depths – Trumpeldor 36th floor apartment 6.
♪ Tal Lotan – Folk-rock melancholy to happy people! A minimalist show, with two instruments and two voices with electronic touches. Hosted by Electrockrat and featured by Reut Zorman and Yael Shachmon – Carmia 3 Floor 1 Apartment 4.

♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ Friday 20.12.19 ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫
♪ Shahar Gutman and Ronnie Bar Hadas – two singers and creators at Double Fitz עם With personal texts and a sweeping voice – Yosef President 12 Floor 3 Apartment 16.
♪ David Arbel- David uses electronic bits, rough sounds and the Hebrew language to describe distorted reality- Tabor 33 Ground floor 1.
♪ Roy Leves- Pop Minister for Life itself, on this section of Trying to Realize Yourself and Pay Electricity, Songs from His First Two Albums, Translations into Famous Songs and even a Taste from the New Album –
Hashomer 3, 2nd Floor, Apartment 4.
♪ Muffled – an instrumental trio that creates a joyous and groovy fusion celebration that will leave no one indifferent in the audience – John the Shoemaker 1 (Balfour Corner 19) Ground floor Apartment 11.
♪ Kiki Malinki – The composition combines personal and everyday texts with asymmetrical rhythms, sweetness Innocent with pop tantrums in the style of Luo Pei-Peretz Live 1st Floor 2nd Floor 3 at 1pm.

♪ Smadar Ronen – singer and creator whose work is characterized by a dark atmosphere, a little slow and tense and melodic occupation – work 30 Floor 1 Apartment 4
ם Rotem Bar Light hosts TOTEMO – The frontman of The Angelcy, with whom he released a first album that won the band a local and international success, hosting TOTEMO from the leader of the local electro-pop scene, which redefined the electronic-oriental sound and created a magical connection between East and East aesthetics. Tchernichovsky 15, Upper Floor, Apartment 13.
♪ Limor Blas – Creator, Singer and Poet – An exciting, deep and intelligent performance that touches sincerity and courage on the innermost pains of the soul – Yona HaNavi 28 Entrance to a ground floor
ריה Daria and Tamar – Daria Mossenson And Tamar Bloch bring the powerful music of Morocco and Algiers, in a piano-and-music distilled essence – Trumpeldor 2 9, Parter Floor

♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ Saturday 21.12.19 ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫

♪ Moonshine- takes the spirit of traditional folk music and combines it with contemporary indie pop sound. -Carl Netter 9 Entrance 1 Floor 1 Apartment 1.
A. Azizi-translator and singer of the best of Bob Dylan’s songs, better known and some of them less, in recent musical arrangements while telling stories about Dylan and the songs – Mohliber 12, 1st floor 2.
♪ Yair Rubin- solo show Electric / Acoustic in the living room will play songs from the first two albums and new songs from the album on the way. The Erez Russo (Giraffes) will be hosted. Lincoln 8th floor 2nd apartment 8.
7:30 pm
י Tammy Nora – performs cabaret for songs that are like the stations in her life, starting in North Africa, passing through France, New York and reaching South America- Balfour 65th floor 3rd apartment 11.
♪ Kundra Magnus – original songs From the folk-rock genre with catchy melodies to romantic and slightly bitter personal texts – The 22nd Floor 1 Apartment 3.
♪ Sheila Farber – The show “Sheila Farber Sarah Alterman” penetrates under the skin, accompanied by Nadav Hollander – Mazra 20, Floor 1.5 Apartment 7.
♪ Tal Minkov – Swapping Words on Socio-Political, Political-Administrative, Romantic-Geological, Come to Understand- Wilson 3 Ground Floor Apartment 2.
♪ Yehu Yaron – Writer, Composer, Bass Player and Contrabass, Musical Producer and Singer Provide one of the most prominent and interesting voices in the new Israeli music landscape, come for a rare musical experience – Levontin 9, 1st floor (4 steps above ground).

ריה Daria Vered-Indie-Rock Original materials together with Adam Ben Amitai-Artisan Center 33A 3rd floor Apartment 7.
♪ Bitton Foundation – Personal and honest texts in a delicate electronic pop-pop envelope – Berdichevsky 28th floor Apartment 7
♪ Sivan Stolzenberg and Sharon Gasthalter-Two intimate solo performances by talented filmmakers and singers in One-Nahmani Living Room 52 First Entrance, 2nd Floor, Apartment 7.

The project is initiated by the Director of Community Culture and Sports, the Arts and Culture Division, the Department of the Arts and in collaboration with the Community Center Center.

About the production – Yamit Hagar and the team: Moore Lankri, Jonathan Ram and Raz Rosenfarb – Nobody’s Fault Productions, who produce the event from the Music Spot offices – Music Workspace (Yehuda Halevi 49, Tel Aviv).
Public Relations – Nurit Carmel and Merav Blumenfeld
Digital – Yehuda Meir
Design and Graphics – Elad

Elhaar Many thanks to Ben-Nevat’s sound director, Art Department and Yifat Hillel Zvirin, coordinator of artistic programs on the broad heart, establishment and joint work on the festival.
Thanks to the Central District thanks to the festival.
Thanks to Maccabi Capital for the beers and support for local art and the amazing Tempo Company in general.


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