Thu 7 March 2019 - Sat 9 March 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Spot in the living room ★ 7-9 March ★ Thursday-Saturday ★ Admission is free
“Spot in the Living Room” – Festival of home performances. The most local festival there is! 25 performances in 25 living rooms, for 3 days, throughout Jaffa.
The performances will be “domestic” not only in terms of atmosphere, but in practice – all performances will take place at the participating artists’ homes in Jaffa.

★ ★ Free entrance to all events! ★ ★
The houses will be divided into free ‘Maccabi’ beers and hot cider will be served.
★ ★ ★ Thank you to the capital Maccabi for the capitals and support for local art! ★ ★ ★

The festival poster will appear on every door of a house that has a performance, for easy orientation.
Have you reached the house and there is a sign on the door ‘full performance’? They looked at the calendar of events here and moved to another house in the neighborhood.

★ Full Impressions: ★

Shows Thursday

Dakar Neighborhood:
20:00 – Kobi Farhi and Aviv Bachar in a tribute to Leonard Cohen. Michaelangelo 39, Ground floor apartment 1.
22:00 – Neta Wiener hosts Mohammad Mugrabi with the show “Meat Dish”, with the songs of the first solo album “Bizchut ha-Noa” and the songs of the album “System Ali” – Maharajan. Ger Tzedek 1, 5th floor, Apartment 19.

20:00 – Fei Shapiro and the ensemble in a performance of the album “A Thousand Kisses”. Kedem 123, 1st floor, apartment 2.
20:00 Eastern Razia in a one-woman show featuring songs and Vesquan Ward. Chestnut 1 Floor 3.
21:00 – Ofer Mizrachi in a solo performance combining technology and spirit. Yotvat 5, ground floor.
22:00 – Liron is privileged in a world-wide solo performance featuring rhythms and journeys combined with percussion instruments such as vocals, guitar and looper. Yotvat 5, ground floor.

The German-American Colony:
21:00 – Alongside the launch of her third album, Vardi is hosting Gadi Ronen (Backyard) in a solo performance that emphasizes every word and word. Yehuda Hayamit 14, entrance A, 2nd floor, Apartment 4.

Jaffa D, Giv’at HaTmarim:
21:00 – Bar Harel in a gentle and minimal electronic pop show. Gleanit 2, 1st floor, Apartment 1.

20:00 – Andrei Jubran in a classical Arabic music show from around the Middle East and the 19th and 20th centuries. Shivtei Yisrael 35 (Beit Sadaka).

Shows Friday

The American-German Colony:
12:00 – Itai Keren In the acoustic-electronic salon show: Bits from hip-hop worlds are combined with jazz keyboards and sharp texts in Hebrew. Elazar Ben Azarya 6, Entrance A, 3rd floor, Apartment 18.

12:00 – The Oud and violin player Elias Vakila comes straight from the Andalusian Orchestra “East and West” to perform with the drummer Lev Elman. Bar Hoffman 16, ground floor.

15:00 – Daniel Dor A piano solo performance with refined and intimate versions of the songs of the new album. Ditza 1, 2nd floor, apartment 14.

12:00 – Yasmin Moalem with the feminine tone and intimate sound in a performance of original songs and a number of cabarets. Yefet 234, 2nd floor, Apartment 3.

13:00 – Amin Saig in a Jaffa performance that combines more, violin and sounds from the other sea. Where the great 3, 3rd floor, apartment 8.

14:00 – Kim’s in the Sun – Mika Sadeh’s new hip-hop project and Orel Tamuz in an intimate performance in their living room, accompanied by Ammon Slonim of the collective and Uri Sadeh. Together they melt electronic folk, pop and psychedelic. Assaf Harofeh 5, 1st floor.

Saturday Shows

The German-American Colony:
18:00 – Adel Amesis in a “Tarbi” performance with songs by the great singers Abed Albawah, Abed Alhalim, Umm Kulthum and more … Yehuda Hayamit 61, 3rd floor, apartment 4.

18:00 – Oded Weiss in a performance of original protest songs. Yefet 104, Apartment 2.

19:00 – Mika Hari in an intimate solo performance – a velvet voice and exciting songs that feel as if they were always there. House 41, ground floor.

19:00 – Elias Hadov Elias Hadoub Winner of the International Oud Competition investigates the basics of oriental music. Jaffa Port 36 (52 on Google from scratch) Ground floor.

21:00 – Rotem Bar-Or (Angelsi) and Roi Ric (the collective). Where the great 3, 3rd floor, apartment 8.

22:00 – Fuad and Antonio Jubran, father and son in a duet of another violin. Where the great 3, 3rd floor, apartment 8.

20:00 – Electro-acoustic evening at home with Sun Taylor together with Hila Naor. Gaza 35, ground floor.

21:00 – Kili Halperin in a performance that combines American folk, synagogue singing and sounds from the global village we all share. Gaza 28, 1st floor, Apartment 1.

22:00 – Sivan Abelson (Atliz) returns to the original with original music and electronic touches in an electronic acoustic fantasy show with DJ Abbas, Catareen Lasko about the harp and an anonymous musician from across the fence. Gaza 20, 1st floor, Apartment 1.

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